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county:-   Cumbria
10Km square:-   SD67


SD60967891 Abbeyfield Lodge (Kirkby Lonsdale) L
SD60897868 Abbot Hall Farm (Kirkby Lonsdale) L
SD60057828 Biggins Cottage (Kirkby Lonsdale) L
SD60137826 Biggins Hall (Kirkby Lonsdale) L
SD60057824 Biggins House (Kirkby Lonsdale) L
SD60247820 Biggins Lane (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60087831 Biggins Lodge Farm (Kirkby Lonsdale) L
SD60247819 Biggins (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60817874 Cressbrook (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60557813 drinking fountain, Biggins (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60977887 Graham Glynn Ceramics (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60457810 fingerpost, Biggins (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60997890 Gables, The (Kirkby Lonsdale) L
SD60167827 gate, Biggins (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60807865 Greystones (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60127824 High Biggins Old Hall (Kirkby Lonsdale) L
SD60077824 High Biggins (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60847862 house, Kirkby Lonsdale (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60327824 Hynings, The (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60937890 Fairbank (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60997885 Kirkby Lonsdale: Fairbank, 8 and 12 (Kirkby Lonsdale) L
SD60987886 Kirkby Lonsdale: Fairbank, 14 and 16 (Kirkby Lonsdale) L
SD60997887 Kirkby Lonsdale: Fairbank, 17 and 19 (Kirkby Lonsdale) L
SD60997872 Mitchelgate (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60967871 Mitchelgate (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60997872 Marchbrook House (Kirkby Lonsdale) L
SD60987871 Kirkby Lonsdale: Mitchelgate, 19 and 21 (Kirkby Lonsdale) L
SD60957871 Kirkby Lonsdale: Mitchelgate, 31 (Kirkby Lonsdale) L
SD60997863 New Road (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60487857 Kittygill Lane (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60037829 Laundry Cottage (Kirkby Lonsdale) L
SD60547823 Low Biggins (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60567800 Mill Lane (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60557826 Nether Riggs (Kirkby Lonsdale) L
SD603787 pillbox, Kirkby Lonsdale (2) (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60697859 Quen Elizabeth School (Kirkby Lonsdale) L
SD60667857 Springfield House (Kirkby Lonsdale)
SD60667811 Wood End Farm (Kirkby Lonsdale) L
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