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quarry, Borrowdale (5)
locality:-   Ladder Brow
locality:-   Lodore
civil parish:-   Borrowdale (formerly Cumberland)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   slate quarry
locality type:-   quarry
1Km square:-   NY2618 (?) 
10Km square:-   NY21

evidence:-   old text:- Postlethwaite 1877 (3rd edn 1913) 
item:-  slate
source data:-   Book, Mines and Mining in the English Lake District, by John Postlethwaite, Keswick, published by W H Moss and Sons, Whitehaven, Cumberland now Cumbria, 1877; published 1877-1913.
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page 135:-  "..."
"In the rocks on the north-east of Ladder Brow, and just above the road between Lodore and High Lodore there is a disused quarry from which some slate has been obtained; this bed is the lowest bed of the Volcanic Series that is visible at that point. The great fault skirts the base of the rocky escarpment all the way from Lodore Waterfall to the head of Troutdale, and although it is not exposed immediately beneath the quarry, the latter cannot be more than about forty or fifty feet above it."

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