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 St Andrew, Greystoke
St Andrew, Greystoke: hatchments
locality type:-   hatchment
locality type:-   coat of arms

BLP44.jpg  Hatchment, coat of arms of the 11th Duke of Norfolk, ie the Howard Family.
(taken 4.2.2006)  
The background, dexter black, is for a married man, Henry Howard, Greystoke Castle, died 1875, husband of Charlotte Caroline Georgiana Long. The coat of arms is quarterly of six,
1 Howard:-
gules on a bend argent between six cross crosslets fitchy of the same the Augmentation of Flodden
2 Brotherton:-
gules three lions passant guardant or, a label of three points argent
3 Warren:-
chequy or and azure
4 Mowbray:-
gules a lion rampant argent armed and langued azure
5 Dacre:-
gules three escallops argent
6 Greystoke:-
barry of six argent and azure three chaplets gules
impaling, quarterly, 1 Long:-
sable a lion passant argent armed and langued gules, on a chief argent three cross crosslets fitchy at the foot sable
2 Tate:-
per fess or and gules a pale counterchanged three choughs proper
3 Zouche:-
gules ten bezzants or, a canton ermine
4 St Maur:-
argent two chevronels gules, a label of five points azure

BQG16.jpg  Hatchment, Andrew Fleming Hudleston.
(taken 14.3.2009)  
The black background is for a bachelor, Andrew Fleming Hudleston, died 2 September 1861. The coat of arms is Hudleston:-
gules fretty argent

BQG17.jpg  Hatchment, Andrew Hudleston.
(taken 14.3.2009)  
The background, dexter black, is a for a married man, Andrew Huddleston, Hutton John, died 2 February 1822, husband of Elizabeth Fleming. The coat of arms is Hudleston:-
gules fretty argent
impaling Fleming:-
gules a fret argent

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