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Beehive Inn, Eamont Bridge
Beehive Inn
locality:-   Eamont Bridge
civil parish:-   Yanwath and Eamont Bridge (formerly Westmorland)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   inn
coordinates:-   NY52362847
1Km square:-   NY5228
10Km square:-   NY52

BMP12.jpg  Innsign, a bee skep and a verse:-
"In This Hive we are all Alive / Good Liquor makes us Funny / if you be dry step in and try / The Virtue of our HONEY" remembering when ale was sweetened with honey.
(taken 4.9.2006)  
BMP11.jpg (taken 4.9.2006)  

BMP13.jpg  Date stone:-
"P / R A / 1727" (taken 4.9.2006)  

They once kept a hive of bees by the door.

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