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Melmerby Washfold, Melmerby
Melmerby Washfold
locality:-   Green, The
locality:-   Melmerby
civil parish:-   Ousby (formerly Cumberland)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   sheepfold
locality type:-   wash fold
locality type:-   sculpture
coordinates:-   NY61403728
1Km square:-   NY6137
10Km square:-   NY63

BMI91.jpg (taken 7.7.2006)  
BMI92.jpg  The dub stone sculpture in the stream.
(taken 7.7.2006)  

BMI93.jpg  stone wall.
(taken 7.7.2006)  

Renewed by Andy Goldsworthy as part of the Sheepfolds project, 1996-2002. The washfold has a carved 'dub' stone in the river.
S end of village green.

: 2002 (?): Andy Goldsworthy Sheepfolds: Cumbria CC (?):: leaflet from TIC

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