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Whitehaven Tunnel, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Tunnel
site name:-   Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway
locality:-   Whitehaven
civil parish:-   Whitehaven (formerly Cumberland)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   railway tunnel
coordinates:-   NX975186
coordinates:-   NX977176 (approx) 
1Km square:-   NX9718
10Km square:-   NX91

BPJ98.jpg  South portal by Corkickle Station.
(taken 30.6.2008)  
BPL93.jpg  North portal at Whitehaven Station.
(taken 15.7.2008)  

A difficult tunnel, needing lots of maintenance. It was relined over a period of years, a major job, 1932-58.
Length 1322 yards.

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