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civil parish:-   Hartley (formerly Westmorland)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   locality
locality type:-   buildings
coordinates:-   NY78310881 (etc) 
1Km square:-   NY7808
10Km square:-   NY70

BVZ85.jpg (taken 2.3.2012)  
BSP60.jpg (taken 30.4.2010)  

evidence:-   old map:- OS County Series (Wmd 23 15) 
placename:-  Hartley
source data:-   Maps, County Series maps of Great Britain, scales 6 and 25 inches to 1 mile, published by the Ordnance Survey, Southampton, Hampshire, from about 1863 to 1948.

evidence:-   old map:- Jefferys 1770 (Wmd) 
source data:-   Map, 4 sheets, The County of Westmoreland, scale 1 inch to 1 mile, surveyed 1768, and engraved and published by Thomas Jefferys, London, 1770.
blocks; village? 
item:-  National Library of Scotland : EME.s.47
Image © National Library of Scotland

evidence:-   old map:- Cooper 1808
placename:-  Hartley
source data:-   Map, hand coloured engraving, Westmoreland ie Westmorland, scale about 9 miles to 1 inch, by H Cooper, 1808, published by R Phillips, Bridge Street, Blackfriars, London, 1808.
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circle; village or hamlet 
item:-  Dove Cottage : 2007.38.53
Image © see bottom of page

evidence:-   old postcard:- 
placename:-  Hartley
source data:-   Postcard, National Series, black and white photograph, Hartley, Westmorland, published by M and L, mid 20th century?
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printed on rev  "M AND L / NATIONAL SERIES"
item:-  JandMN : 950
Image © see bottom of page

BLW84.jpg (taken 21.4.2006)  
BLW77.jpg (taken 21.4.2006)  

NY78280822 barn, Hartley (2) (Hartley) L
NY78400843 Beech House (Hartley)
NY78290884 Coldstream House (Hartley) L
NY78350921 Common Lane (Hartley)
NY78290867 Croft House (Hartley)
NY78270886 Glenwood (Hartley) L
NY78250820 Hartley Castle (Hartley) L out of sight
NY78260899 Hartley Fold House (Hartley) L
NY78190908 Hartley Fold (Hartley)
NY78250907 David Semple furniture (Hartley)
NY78250823 house, Hartley (Hartley) L
NY78280879 Larches, The (Hartley) L
NY78410830 Merrygill Viaduct (Hartley) L
NY78370843 mill, Hartley (Hartley)
NY78320876 Murton Holme (Hartley) L
NY78280892 pinfold, Hartley (Hartley) L
NY78300871 post box, Hartley (Hartley)
NY78510907 Sellerns Well (Hartley)
NY78280896 West View (Hartley) L
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