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Page 127:-
[Hase]ness. From Keswick to the inn at Buttermere by this route is 14 miles.
  Crummock Water by boat
  Scale Force

At Buttermere, a boat is usually taken upon Crummock Lake, as well as for the views of the scenery as being the most convenient way of seeing Scale Force. It is an agreeable walk of half a mile to the water, and after a pleasant little voyage of nearly a mile, a walk of three quarters of a mile reaches to the fall. Travellers may indeed walk from the inn to Scale Force; but the path being wet and unpleasant, a boat is greatly to be preferred. If the weather be unfavourable for using the boat, a good view of Crummock Lake may be had, by riding a mile and a half on the eastern side, to a rocky point called the Hause. After the necessary refreshment at Buttermere, it is an agreeable ride of 9 miles through the peaceful vale of Newlands, and by Portinscale to Keswick.
  Buttermere Hause
On leaving Buttermere we encounter a steep hill; but the road, as well as the mountain side, is much smoother than the ascent from Borrowdale. In about a mile and a half we reach the top of the hause, and suddenly glance upon the further edge of Derwentwater, with the wooded rock of Castlehead, and the mountain Saddleback. The first part of the descent into the vale of Newlands is steep, but the road soon becomes smooth and pleasant. From the foot of Rawling End we gain a beautiful view over Derwent Lake and the vale of Keswick; and join the Cockermouth road at Portinscale.
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