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Wordsworth's Guide 1810, edn 1835

The transcription of A Guide through the District of the Lakes by William Wordsworth, first published 1810, using the 5th edition, published 1835.
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Transcription is letter for letter, retaining the case of the original, but not text sizes; italics are preserved; the spellings and grammar have not been altered.
Entity references have been used for asterisk and others symbols.


The pagination of the volume studied has been retained. In the preliminary pages the title page and two contents pages have no numbering. The preface is pp.i-xxiv; the body of the text is pp.1-134; the publisher's appendices, itineraries, are pp.135-136.


Marginal comments have been added by the editor of this transcription to make it possible to generate a basic synopsis of the whole. Some of the marginals reflect the headline (page header / running header); the headlines are not transcribed as they are the original editor's or typesetter's not the author's text.


This Guide through the District of the Lakes is not a guide book. It starts with some directions for the traveller, but continues by giving the reader the author's observations and firm opinions about The Lakes: geomorphology and scenery; inhabitants and society; tourists, settlers and development; a few more notes about visiting, comparisons with the Alps; and descriptions of two excursions.

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