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Page 234:-
Wind sweeps along the' afrighted vale;
And pattering rain, with pelting hail,
Commission'd by great Nature's Lord,
Come to fulfil his mighty word,
In many a mingling torrent fall,
While deep to deep, loud answering, call.
[1] Now tremble, wretch, whose guilty breast
Labours with crimes yet unconfess'd;
Hide thee, appal'd, thou bloody hand;
Thy crime, thou perjur'd, understand;
Thou simular of virtue's life,
Adulterer with thy neighbour's wife,
These high-engender'd warnings hear,
These dreadful summoners revere;
To all creation they proclaim
The Great JEHOVAH'S hallow'd name:
Him, and Him only must we fear -
Mighty to judge, and merciful to spare.
Let me, O Lord, thy favour win -
I am both sinn'd against, and sin;
But as against my foes I deal,
So let me, God, thy mercy feel,
And, through the merits of thy SON,
Let me, my earthly race when run,
The everlasting kingdom share,
With all I've ever held most dear,
From this world's storms and tempests free,
To dwell with Happiness and Thee,
To hail the Dayspring from on high,
My SAVIOUR'S name to magnify.
And now the elemental war
Onwards drives his clattering car,
Resounding fainter from afar.- /
[1] See Lear, Act 3, Sc. 2.
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