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Page 182:-
of Ross, of Kendal, three water budgets, quartering Parr, two bars in a border engrailed; 2dly, an escutcheon, vaire, a fess for Marmion; 3dly, an escutcheon, three chevronels braced, and a chief which I take for Fitzhugh: at the foot is an escutcheon, surrounded with the garter, bearing Ross and Parr quarterly, quartering the other two before mentioned. I have no books to look in, therefore cannot say whether this is Lord Parr, of Kendal, Queen Catharine's father, or her brother the Marquis of Northampton. Perhaps it is a cenotaph for the latter, who was buried at Warwick, 1571.'
  Kendal Castle
The castle he describes thus:- 'The remains of the castle are seated on a fine hill, on the side of the river opposite to the town; almost the whole inclosure-wall remains, with four towers, two square, and two round, but their upper parts and embattlements are demolished: it is of rough stone and cement, without any ornament of arms, round, inclosing a court of the like form, and surrounded by a moat; nor ever could it have been larger than it is, for there are no traces of out-works. There is a good view of the town and river, with a fertile open valley through which it winds.
Had Mr. Gray ascended from the end of Stramongate-bridge to the castle, which was
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