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Page 179:-
When William the Conqueror gave the barony of Kendal to Ivo de Taillebois, the inhabitants of the town were villain-tenants of the baronial lord; but one of his successors emancipated them, and confirmed their burgages to them, by charter. Queen Elizabeth, in the 18th year of her reign, erected it into a corporation, by the name of aldermen and burgesses; and afterwards King Charles I. incorporated it with a mayor, 12 aldermen, and 20 capital burgesses.
Mr. Gray's description of this town is injurious to it; but his account of the church and castle is worth transcribing. 'Near the end of the town, stands a handsome house of Colonel Wilson's, [1] and adjoining it, the
[1] This is called Abbot-hall, and is now the property of Christopher Wilson, Esq.
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