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Page 144:-
The ride down this vale is pleasant. All the scenes are smiling, rich, and rural. Every dale-lander appears to be a man of taste, and every village, house, and cot, is placed in the choicest site, and decorated in the neatest manner, and style of natural elegance. Not one formal avenue, or straight-lined hedge, or square fish-pond, offends the eye in all this charming vale. The variety of situation gives diversity of views, and a succession of pleasing objects creates the desire of seeing.
The back view is under a wooded hill, near the fifth mile-post, and is fine. Here return up the great road to Keswick [1].
Keswick to Penrith
From Keswick to Penrith, seventeen miles, of very good road, through an open wild country.
  roman road
  roman camp

ANTIQUITIES. Upon Hutton-moor, and on the north side of the great road, may be traced the path of the Roman way, that leads
[1] While staying at Keswick it may be worth while to see two museums kept there. They contain a great variety of fossils, and other natural curiosities of the country, several pieces of antiquity, and many other articles.
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