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Page 88:-
spacious amphitheatre of the most picturesque mountains imaginable, an elegant sheet of water is spread out before you, shining like a mirror, and transparent as crystal; variegated with islands, adorned with wood, or clothed with the sweetest verdure, that rise in the most pleasing forms above the watery plain. The effects all around are amazingly great; but no words can describe the surprising pleasure of this scene on a fine day, when the sun plays upon the bosom of the lake, and the surrounding mountains are illuminated by his refulgent rays, and their rocky broken summits invertedly reflected by the surface of the water.
station, Crow Park
STATION II. The next celebrated station is at a small distance, named Crow-park, which formerly contained a grove of oaks of immemorial growth, whose fall the bard of Lowes-water thus bemoans, in humble plaintive numbers:
- That ancient wood where beasts did safely rest,
And where the crow long time had built her nest,
Now falls a destin'd prey to savage hands,
Being doom'd, alas! to visit distant lands.
Ah! what avails they boasted strength at last!
That brav'd the rage of many a furious blast;
When now the body's spent with many a wound,
Load groans its last, and thunders on the ground,
While hills, and dales, and woods, and rocks resound,
This now shadeless pasture, is a gentle eminence, not too high, on the very margin
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