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Page 66:-
The view to the north is more beautiful: an extent of three miles of the lake is broken into by the bold promontory, the Storrs, and above that, Berkshire-island is charmingly placed. Bannerigg and Orrest-head, rising inward from the shore in magnificent slopes, are seen from hence to great advantage. This beautiful scene is well contrasted on the opposite side, by a ridge of hanging woods, spread over wild romantic grounds, that shoot abruptly into bold and spirited projections [1].
station, Brant Fell
Return to Bowness, and conclude the survey by taking Mr. Young's general view of the lake, where at one glance, you command all its striking beauties. No station can better answer the purpose, and it would be here an injustice done to the discoverer, to deviate one tittle from his description.
STATION V. 'Thus having viewed the most pleasing objects from these points, let me next conduct you to a spot, where at one glance, you command them all in fresh situations, and all assuming a new appearance. For this purpose, you return to the village, and taking the bye-road to the turnpike, mount the hill without turning your head (if I was your guide, I would conduct you be-
[1] As it commanded more of the mountains at the head of the lake, Mr. Farrington has given the view from Gillhead.
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