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Page 62:-
[Crow]holme islands break the line in this noble expanse of water. The eastern shore discovers much cultivation; and the succeeding hills are much diversified, and strangely tumbled about. Some are laid out in grass inclosures, other cut with hedges, and fringed with trees; one is crowned with wood, and skirted with the sweetest verdure; another waves with corn; and the whole is a mixture of objects that constitute the most pleasing of rural scenes.- The upper grounds are wild, and pastured with flocks.
station, Belle Isle N
STATION III. From the north side of the island, the views are more sublime and vast. The lake is here seen both ways.- To the south, an expanse of water spreads on both hands, and behind you, you see a succession of promontories, with variety of shore, patched with islands, and the whole encircled by an amphitheatre of distant hills, rising in noble style. Turning to the north, the view is over a reach of lake, six miles in length, and above one in breadth, interrupted with scattered islands of different figures and dress; which, on a calm day, may be seen distinctly reflected from the limpid surface of the water that surrounds them. The environs exhibit all the grandeur of Alpine scenes. The conic summits of Langdale-pikes and Hill-bell; the broken ridge of
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