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The Lakes, map
A Map of the Lakes is tipped in facing page 1 in this copy of the 11th edition.

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A MAP of the LAKES in Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire.
Page 1:-

SINCE persons of genius, taste, and observation, began to make the tour of their own country, and to give such pleasing accounts of the natural history and improving state of the northern part of the kingdom, the spirit of visiting them has diffused itself among the curious of all ranks.
Particularly the taste for one branch of a noble art [1] (cherished under the protection of the greatest kings and best of men) in which the genius of Britain rivals that of ancient Greece and modern Rome, induces many to visit the lakes of Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire; there to contemplate in Alpine scenery, finished in nature's highest tints, the pastoral and rural landscape, exhibited in all their styles, the soft, the rude, the romantic, and the sublime; and of which, perhaps, like instances can no where be found assembled in so small a tract of country.- What may be now mentioned as another in-
[1] Landscape Painting.
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