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awful procession, and sacrifices and all the fourberie of priestcraft be performed in the centre of the area within sight of the trembling crowd.
Dead Man Slack, Kirkoswald
 Leonard Dacre
After descending a hill, I passed by a wooded glen called Deadman's Stack, remarkable for being the spot on which Leonard Dacre was defeated in 1569, by Lord Hunsdon, who put an end to his rebellion. This gentleman was of the great house of Dacre, and second son of William lord Dacre, who left four sons - Thomas, Leonard, Edward and Francis. Thomas left one son and three daughters. George, the son, was killed in his childhood in 1569, by a fall from a wooden horse; and the three sisters became co-heiresses, two of whom were matched by Thomas duke of Norfolk, (who married their mother,) to two boys of his own sons by former wives - Anne, the eldest, to Philip earl of Arundel; and Elizabeth, the youngest, to his second brother Lord William. It is probable that he intended to bestow the second daughter on his second son; but she was taken away by death. Thus this vast northern property was conveyed to the house of Howard. Leonard contested, by law, the right of his niece to the estate, and lost his cause. For a time he concealed his discontent; insidiously offered his service to Elizabeth to quell some insurrections then in the north, and was intrusted with this business. He entered into a conspiracy DEAMAN'S STACK.


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