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with Northumberland and other malecontents; raised forces in the Queen's name, consisting chiefly of the banditti of the Borders; and seized on Graystock, Naworth-castle, and other places belonging to the Dacres, under pretence of securing his own property and resisting the rebels. His designs were discovered, and Lord Hunsdon marched against him from Berwick. They met at this place, and the field was warmly contested. Leonard performed all that could be expected from the most gallant commander. At length, after great loss of men, he was obliged to retire into Scotland; from thence fled to Louvain*, where he died in great poverty, under a slender pension from the King of Spain.
Kirkoswald The vale now expands, and has a rich appearance. I reached Kirk-Oswald, a small town on the east side of the Eden. A considerable estate adjacent belongs to Sir Philip Musgrave, having been purchased by his father Sir Christopher from the co-heiresses; from Lennard lord Dacre, created Earl of Sussex by Charles, on the merit of having married a daughter of his by the Duchess of Cleaveland. Lord Dacre acquired it from Lennard, Lennard from a Fynes, he from the Dacres; again they from a Multon, Multon from Hugh de Morville, and, finally, De Morville KIRK-OSWALD.
* Camden's Life of Queen Elizabeth, in Kennet, 11, 423.

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