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Page 151:-

Wharton-hall possessed it; and it lately remained in his descendants, two Ladies, co-heiresses of the place*.
It chiefly stood near the rill Troutbeck, near the Eden; as appears from the foundations disturbed by the plough. A square inclosure, called High Burwens, containing about eight score yards in diameter, says Doctor Burn, was its area; but the extent of the outward works reached beyond the Roman way or high street of Kirkby-Thore, most of which, as well as the manor-house, was built out of the ancient ruins. in most parts, traces of it may be seen in vaults, conduits, pavements both flagged and tiled, foundations of walls, brick and stone; and coins, urns, altars, and other antiquities are frequently found. An altar is preserved in the walls of the old school-house at Appleby, dedicated to Belatucader, or Mars:

Temple Sowerby About a mile further is the village of Temple-Sowerby, a manor once the property of the potent order of Knights Templars. Their great wealth and power rendered them TEMPLE-SOWERBY.
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