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Page 152:-

insolent and formidable. Under pretence of crimes of the most horrid nature, their persons were seized, their riches confiscated, and their order totally suppressed in 1312. - After an interval of eleven years, this manor was bestowed on the Knights Hospitallers, in whom it continued till the dissolution, when Henry VIII. granted it, with several others, to Thomas Dalston esq. originally of the ancient family of that name in Cumberland. It remained in the male line till of late years, when it devolved to William Norton, esq. in right of his wife Mary, sister to Sir William Dalston knight, the last male heir of this branch.
Three Brother tree Not far from thence I turned a little out of the road, to the left, to see the remains of one of the famous oaks called the Three Brothers. Only the ruins of one are to be seen at present - an almost barkless trunk about thirteen yards* in circumference, with only two branches which give any signs of life. It is hollow from bottom to top, and would make an excellent observatory for the star-gazing philosopher. The tract in which it stands is Whinfel-park, an ancient appurtenance to the Lords of Brougham-castle. It was in old times covered with vast and venerable oaks; but it now appears a barren waste, here and there shaded with birch trees.
* According to Dr. Burn, for I did not measure it.

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