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Page 141:-

Appleby-in-Westmorland found wholly unable to pay the usual rent of twenty marks to the Crown, which was reduced in future to 26s. 8d.* The spirit of Anne Clifford appeared very fully in the beginning of the troubles of the last century; for, in defiance of her disloyal simpleton, she fortified the castle for the King, and gave the government of it to her neighbour, Sir Philip Musgrave. It remained in possession of the Loyalists till October 1648, in which year it was surrendered to Lieutenant-General Ashton, with five Knights, twenty-five Colonels, nine Lieutenant-Colonels, six Majors, forty-six Captains, seventeen Lieutenants, six Cornets, three Ensigns, five pieces of cannon, one thousand two hundred horse, one thousand stand of arms, and all the baggage; being the army which had blockaded Cockermouth, and which had retreated to this town on the approach of Ashton.
Appleby had been a place of great extent and importance. At one period it seemed to have been put on a level with the city of York, for Henry I. bestowed on it equal privileges: York had its charter bestowed on it in the morning, and Appleby in the afternoon of the same day. Henry III. gave another charter, in which all things were like York. In the reign of Edward I. it had a Mayor, and two provosts,
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Whitelock, 343.
Camden 11, 990.

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