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Page 140:-

John, and continued to her descendant the present Earl of Thanet, who, in right of this his great ancestress, owns also Skipton, Pendragon, Brough, and Brougham-castles, and I believe Barden-tower in Yorkshire. The assizes are held in this town, and the Judges entertained at the expence of the Sheriff.
Appleby Castle I cannot trace the original founder of the castle; but, from the style of the square tower or keep, conjecture it to have been of the same aera with that of Brough and other Norman castles of the country. Doctor Burn says, that Thomas lord Clifford built the greatest part as it now stands; but it is evident that part was the work of the last century, and the keep long before the days of that fierce Baron. - The town, and probably the castle, had suffered many misfortunes from the inroads of the Scots. There was a castle here in 1174, which was committed by Henry II. to the care of Gospatrick son of Orme, who, in 1175, was fined five hundred marks, and several of his officers lesser sums, for delivering it up to William the Lion, in his barbarous invasion of the north. In 1388 the town underwent a stroke which it never recovered, having been totally burnt and wasted by those cruel invaders; so that, on requisition made in the reigns of Henry VIII. and of Philip and Mary, it was

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