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Page 139:-

Appleby-in-Westmorland the seat of the villains or bondsmen attendant on the castle. It is likewise, from its tutelar saint, called St. Michael's. This is one of the churches repaired by the piety of Anne Clifford. After crossing a bridge guarded by a gateway since pulled down, I entered the small town of Appleby, consisting of a single street irregularly built on the steep slope of a hill: on the summit is the castle. There are no remains of the ancient structure except a square tower called Caesar's, insulated from all other buildings. The principal edifice, of a square form, was built in 1686, by Thomas earl of Thanet, out of the ruins of the old castle. In the hall is a copy of the great picture of George Clifford earl of Cumberland, and his family, taken from that in Skipton. I will not repeat what I have so fully described in another place. Here is also preserved the magnificent suit of armour worn by him in the tilt-yard as champion to his royal mistress; it is richly gilt, and ornamented with fleurs de lys; his horse-armour, of equal splendour, lies by it. The history of this hero, and his heroic daughter Anne Clifford, is related in that of the picture. I shall only add, that she often sat in person as hereditary Sheriff of the County of Westmoreland in this castle, an honour brought into her family by her ancestress Sybilla, and which had been conferred on the great-grandfather of that lady, Robert de Veteripont, by King APPLEBY.

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