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Page 134:-

She restored seven churches or chapels; founded one hospital, and repaired another; lived in great hospitality by turns in each of her castles, on the beautiful motive of finding occasion to lay out the produce of her vast estates among her tenants, or the indigent most deserving of her charity*.
Coopkarnal Hole The view from the castle southward is along a valley terminating with Wild-boar-fell, which impends with a great cape-like head over the country, soaring to a great height, and at its base is the fountain of the river Eden. I returned to Kirkby over Stencrake-bridge, a single arch, of a great height, flung over the Eden from rock to rock: above the river it forms a lofty cataract, and rushes over a most rugged channel, shagged with trees - a most picturesque scene! Below the bridge is a bason of water fourteen feet deep. In the low state in which I saw it, the waters pass through so narrow a gap in the stone that I spanned the top with my hand, but just beneath it has worn the channel to a great width. Above the bridge the rock is hollowed into multitudes of circular holes, from one foot to six in diameter, and from the depth of six inches to that of two yards, according to the space in which they have been formed. The channel is quite honey-combed WILD-BOAR-FELL.

* See more in Tour in Scotland, 1772, Vol.II. p.359.

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