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Page 135:-

with these giant's pots, as they are called in Sweden. - They certainly are not Druidical, as some have conjectured, but owe their formation to the vortiginous fury of floods, which whirls about the pebbles or gravel with such force as to bore, I may say, these singular cavities.
customary tenure Out of the eleven townships in this parish, only two are freehold; the rest are what is called in this county customary tenants, holding their lands from the lord by a small but fixed acknowledgment, and a fine on the death of the possessor. None of these can vote for members of Parliament; none can sell them without the consent of their lord; none can leave them from their son by will; and, in the case of want of a son, the eldest daughter is heiress. The possessor cannot dispose of any part by will, but must provide for his younger children by a deed. These tenures, which pervade I believe through the county, arose from grants made in ages when land was of little value, and bestowed by lords on their villains, as a relaxation of the severity of vassalage.
Brough Castle I then left Kirkby-Stephen, and continued my journey three or four miles northward to Brough or Church Brough, a village noted for its ancient castle, probably built on the site of the Roman station Verterae, where was placed a band of

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