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Page 147:-
Near a place called Scroggs in Loughrigg, and chiefly in a small pasture called Old Close, among other more common plants may be found the following:
Alchemilla, vulgaris and arvensis, Aquilegia vulgaris, Anagallis tenella, Carex stellulata, Chrysosplenum oppositifolium, Circaea Lutetiana, Drosera rotundifolia, Epilobium, montanum and palustre, Eriophorum angustifolium, Euphrasia officinalis, Geum urbanum, Hydrocotole vulgaris, Hypericum Androsaemum, pulchrum and humifusum, Jasione montana, Listera ovata, Lysimachia nemorum, Linum catharticum, Narthecium ossifragum, Orchis, bifolia, conopsea, mascula, and maculata, Osmunda regalis, Oxalis Acetosella, Primula farinosa, Parnassia palustris, Pedicularis palustris, and sylvatica, Pimpinella saxifraga, Pinguicula vulgaris, Polypodium Phegopteris, Saxifraga azoides, Sedum, anglicum and Telephium, Tormentilla officinalis, Teucrium Scorodonia, and Thymus Serpyllum.
Many species of lichens may be found upon the rocks, and on the trees; mosses upon the mountains and heaths; and ferns upon the commons and in the woods. The many-named Creeper, Club-moss, Stag's-horn-moss, Fox-feet, Wolf's-claw, Lycopodium clavatum, grows upon dry mountains not very high; the alpine, L. alpinum, in more lofty; the fir leaved; L. Selago, in lofty and more moist places, and L. selaginoides by the edges of rills.
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