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Page 93:-
miles to the right, is a natural cavern, called Dunald Mill Hole: it is inferior in extent and grandeur to some in the West Riding of Yorkshire and in Derbyshire; but to those who have not an opportunity of visiting others, it may give some idea of the nature of these subterranean cavities.- Warton Crag on the left, and Farlton Knot on the right of the road, are two stratified hills of limestone, rising to a considerable height: the latter said to be nearly 600 feet above the road. On the Milnthorp road, the waterfall at Beetham Mill attracts the notice of the traveller.
Another line, through Kirkby Lonsdale, is rather more circuitous, but the drive along the fertile and beauteous vale of Lune is delightful; where Hornby Castle, built by Lord Monteagle; Thurland Castle; and the ancient bridge at Kirkby Lonsdale, with its picturesque accompaniments of rock, wood, and water - are objects well worthy of notice. From the Church-yard, and an adjoining bank, a pleasing landscape is spread before the eye: the river Lune; Casterton Hall, the residence of Mr. Carus Wilson; and Underley Park, the seat of Mr. Nowell; are prominent features in the charming scene. From Lancaster to Kendal by this road is nearly 30 miles.
Should the ruins of Furness Abbey be an object of contemplation, the shortest way is to cross the Lancaster and Ulverston Sands, which has formerly been described as a very interesting ride.
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