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the panorama. In short, Wast Water affords many peculiarities well worth visiting once, but scarcely sufficient to yield that increased degree of pleasure in a second or third inspection, which would be experienced on Derwent, Ullswater, or Windermere.

The fish of Wast Water are chiefly trout, with which it is well stored: it also contains a few char. Boats are kept by neighbouring gentlemen for the diversion of angling; and the appearance of the Screes from the lake is magnificent. At Nether Wasdale, about a mile and a half from the foot of the lake, there are two public houses where travellers may have refreshment for themselves and horses: there is no other between this and Rosthwaite in Borrowdale, a distance of fourteen miles, one third of which is very difficult mountain road.

Wasdale Head consists of about half a dozen dwellings sheltered by trees, and a small Chapel, in the midst of an area of arable land, encircled by the loftiest mountains. A public house here is much wanted by travellers; on which account the hospitality of the inhabitants is not unfrequently drawn upon by strangers. Bowderdale has a single farm house, in a lateral valley opening near the middle of the lake. At Crook Head, near the foot of the lake, Stansfield Rawson, Esq. of Halifax, has a neat Gothic summer residence.
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