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Page 226:-

Knubley, Richard, joiner and lodging-house keeper.
Lietch, Dr. Derwent Bank.
Mitchell, Richard, cordwainer.
Muckle, Miss
Poole, Edwin, boarding-house.
Turner, Mrs. Derwent Hill.
Thompson, Isaac, shoemaker.
Tickell, Thomas, farmer, Ullock.
Walker, Mr. John.



Atkinson, John, yeoman, Bassenthwaite Halls.
Atkinson, Miss, High Side.
Briggs, Daniel, veterinary surgeon, Castle Inn.
Clarke, Wilson, farmer, Applethwaite.
Dover and Co., woollen manufacturers, Millbeck.
Dover, A. Esq., Skiddaw Bank.
Dover, Joseph, Esq., Low Grove.
Ewart, John, yeoman, Barkbeth
Fawcett John, farmer, Bassenthwaite.
Fawcett, Thomas, farmer, Bassenthwaite.
Folder, J., farmer, Dancing Gate.
Hodgson, William, postmaster and surveyor.
Hodgson, William, farmer, Applethwaite.
Jeffrey, George, lodging-house, Rose Bank Cottage.
Monkhouse, Revd. John, Lyzzick Hall.
Perfect and Hansard Misses, Scarness.
Porter, Robert, Slack House.
Rooke, John, yeoman, Green Hill, Bassenthwaite.
Scott, Jane, farmer, Little Crosthwaite.
Spedding, Mrs. John, Oakfield.
Spedding, T. S. Esq., (J.P.) Mirehouse.
Stanley, Mark, farmer, Long Close.
Swinburn, Joseph, farmer, Millbeck Hall.
Taylor, Misses, High Side, Bassenthwaite.
Vane, Sir Henry, Bart., Armathwaite Hall.
Wake, Mrs., Ormathwaite House
Wren, Isaac, farmer, Low Grove.


Adamson, John, corn miller.
Bell, Thomas, blacksmith.
Brown, Isaac, corn miller.
Fearon, Isaac, butcher and innkeeper.
Fletcher, George, yeoman.
Gatey, William, tailor.
Gibson, Thomas, schoolmaster and postmaster.
Jopson, Daniel, joiner.
Lowdon, Wm., farmer, Uzicar.
Muckle, George, Esq., Little Braithwaite.
Pennie, The Misses, Braithwaite Lodge.
Stamper, John, innkeeper, Braithwaite.
Tolson, Daniel, farmer, Uzicar.
Williamson, George, woollen manufacturer.
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