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Page 219:-

Townson, William, yeoman, Gill.
Tyson, George, tailor and draper.
Tyson, J., yeoman, High Ground
Walker, Henry, farmer, Bank Ground.
Wilson, Wm., yeoman, Beckses.
Wilson, Matthew, yeoman, Hollins Bank.
Wilson, John, carrier.
Wilson, Thomas, farmer, Coniston Bank.
Wilson, John, farmer, Rowlandson Ground.
Wilson, Wm., beerhouse keeper, Miners' Arms.


Airey, James, postmaster, Under How.
Agar, Miss, Silver How.
Atkinson, Thomas, shoemaker.
Brown, Edward, auctioneer and appraiser, Hollins Hotel.
Brocklebank, Edward, farmer, Underhelmn.
Can, J., Esq., Beck Allans.
Cookson, Thomas, farmer and lodging housekeeper, Dale End.
Cookson, Mrs., How Foot.
Cowperthwaite, William, lodging house keeper, Church Stile.
Dixon, James, farmer & builder, Bove Beck.
Fleming, Rev. Sir Richard, rector, Rectory.
Fleming, James, yeoman, Knott's Houses.
Fleming, John, provision dealer, Knott's Houses.
Farquhar, Lady, Dale Cottage.
Fletcher, Mrs., Lancrigg.
Fleming, John, yeoman, Under How.
Gibson, Mrs., Kelbarrow,
Gibson, Miss, St. Oswalds.
Green, John, Esq., Pavement End.
Green, John, Esq., land agent, Rylands.
Green, William, yeoman, Beck Allans.
Garnett, Frank, shoemaker, Butterliphow.
Greenwood, J. Y. Esq., Wyke.
Green, Daniel, provision dealer, Pavement End.
Harrison, Thomas, farmer and carrier, Gill Foot.
Hayton, Robert, farmer, Score Cragg.
Heelis, Stephen, Esq., solicitor, Forrest Side.
Hodgson, Levi, waller & builder, Town End.
Hodgson, Peter, boot and shoe maker, Town End.
Howe, Rd., painter and glazier.
Jenkinson, Daniel, farmer, Goody Bridge.
Luff, Mrs., Dale Cottage.
Mackereth, David, parish clerk, Wyke.
Mackereth, Gawin, boatman & guide, Town End.
Morse, Capt., Between Gates.
Pettitt, A. artist, Belle Vue.
Pettitt, George W., artist, Rose Cottage.
Phillips, Captain, The Wray.
Postlethwaite, Jos., blacksmith, White Bridge.
Rothery, Mary, farmer, Goody Bridge.
Sandford, Thomas, Esq., Ben Place.
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