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Page 207:-


The Address is that required by Postal arrangement. The name of the head office should be inserted at the end of each address, to ensure the regular transit of communications from a distance.

WINDERMERE. (Head Office.)

Addison, Rev. J. A., St. Mary's College.
Atkinson, James, lodging-house, Villa Lodge.
Aufrére, Geo., At. Esq., Burnside
Ball, James, railway clerk.
Balmer, Michael, Oak Bank; lodging-house.
Balmer, Grace, laundress, Old Field
Barrow, R., Elim Grove.
Barrow, R., yeoman, The Grove.
Barrow, Roger, Langdale View.
Barrow, John, lodging-house, Woodside Cottage.
Barrymore, D. A., teacher.
Bell, James, tinman, Cross-street
Benson, Mrs., lodging-house, Bowness Road.
Benson, W., Esq, Dove Nest.
Birkett, Mrs., lodging house, Elim Grove.
Birkett, J., Esq., Birkett Houses
Bradford, Earl of, St. Catherine's
Braithwaite, R., Esq., Bingle.
Brockbank, John, lodging-house, Bowness Road.
Brooks, Thomas, tailor and draper, High-street.
Brownrigg, John, joiner, Bowness Road.
Bryans, James, Esq., J.P., Belfield.
Burnett, Rev Dr., Bowness Road
Capstick, William, butcher, Cross-street.
Cartmell, William, joiner, Hazlethwaite Cottage.
Carter, Geo., artist, Elim Grove.
Clowes, Frederic, Esq., surgeon, Holly Hill.
Cowperthwaite, Christopher, painter &c., Church-street.
Craston, Miles, grocer, Bowness Road.
Crewdeon, Geo. B., Esq., Villa Lodge.
Crosthwaite, Samuel, artist, Chapel House, Bowness Road.
Crosthwaite Thomas, yeoman, Birthwaite.
Davies, Mrs., grocer, Church-street.
Dickinson, R., farmer, Winster.
Dixon, Miss, dressmaker, Bowness Road.
Eastted, William, Esq., Elleray.
Edwards, Geo. T., Esq., Belmont
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