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Keswick, third tour
  around Bassenthwaite

KESWICK to Peel Wyke8
1Ouse Bridge9
1Castle Inn10
  Bassenthwaite Lake
Bassenthwaite is perhaps the last of the lakes to be visited, unless it be Hawes Water. Hawes Water is difficult of access to the ordinary tourist: and Bassenthwaite verges towards the flat country, which is not what the traveller came to visit. It is amusing to observe how the residents in the district become more sensible every year to the beauty of the merely undulating country through which the mountains sink into the plains: while strangers have hardly patience to look at it, in their eagerness to find themselves under the shadow of the great central fells. Bassenthwaite is one of the outermost lakes; and it is therefore no more cared for by the tourists in general than the foot of Coniston or Windermere. Still, considering that Skiddaw overshadows its eastern shore, it would seem worthy of some attention; and the drive of eighteen miles round it is, in truth, a very pleasant one.
This lake is larger than Derwent Water, being four miles in length and one mile in breadth. The distance
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