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Page 72:-
stretches out to the lake of that name; and at the southern end the Borrowdale mountains are grouped with wonderful effect,- Castle Crag occupying the most conspicuous place. On the eastern side, to the left of the spectator, Wallabarrow Crag rears its crest, and unfolds its woods below; while the opposite side of the lake is guarded by Cat Bells and other mountains, bare and pointed, and possessing a character of their own. A steep winding road descends into the valley; and at the foot of the hill lies Keswick.
  Flintoft's relief map
  Crosthwaite's museum

There is no beauty in the primitive little town itself; but it has its attractions, besides the convenience of its central situation among so many mountains and valleys. Of these attractions, the first is, undoubtedly, Mr. Flintoft's Model of the Lake District, which is within a few yards of all the principal inns, and may be seen during a shower, when, otherwise, the stranger might be losing temper in hearing the rain drip. That model,- at first sight an uneven ugly bit of plaster, will beguile a sensible traveller of a longer time than he would suppose possible. Ten minutes would give him a better idea of the structure and distribution of the country than all maps and guide books; but he will probably linger over it till he has learned all the sixteen large lakes, and some of the fifty-two small ones, and traced every road and main pass in the district. Crosthwaite's Museum is also a place of great interest, for its own sake, as well as that of its founder,- Peter Crosthwaite, the first real explorer, surveyor and draughtsman of the district, and the inventor of the Aeolian harp, the life-boat (the reward of which invention he missed through
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