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Page 29:-
turn which would lead him down again to Tent Lodge, the stranger has rather a steep ascent before him, from point to point of which he finds, on looking behind him, new views of the lake appearing, while the magnitude of the Old Man becomes more apparent as he recedes from it. By the roadpost, which indicates the two ways to the two sides of the lake, he finds his car; and then he proceeds through a wild country - moorland, sprinkled with grey rock,- in the direction of Hawkshead, which is three miles from Waterhead.
  Esthwaite Water
  Priest Pot
  1745 Rebellion
  Crier of Claife

The parish church of Hawkshead is ancient; its appearance is venerable; and it stands, as a church should do, in full view of the country round,- of the valley in which Esthwaite Water lies. Elizabeth Smith lies buried there; and there is a tablet to her memory in the churchyard. At the ancient Grammar School of Hawkshead, Wordsworth and his brother were educated. Passing through the neat little town, the road turns to the left, to reach the northern end of Esthwaite Water, which is two miles long, and half a mile broad;- a quiet sheet of water, with two promontories stretching into it, which appear like islands, nearly dividing it into a chain of ponds. A round pond at the northern end of the lake, connected with it by a narrow creek, exhibits a strange phenoemenon. It has a floating island,- not like that of Derwentwater, which is a mass of mud and vegetable tangle,- but actually bearing trees: and this island is carried by strong winds from the one side to the other. The name of the pond is Priest's Pot: a fact which be explain by a tradition that a priest was drowned there; and others by a supposition of its
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