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vol.2 p.85
of a summer-day, had befriended us with all his morning, noon, and evening powers; preparing now, with farewell sweet, to take his leave, gave us yet one more beautiful exhibition.
A grand broken arch presented itself first in deep shadow. Through the aperture appeared a part of the internal structure, thrown into perspective to great advantage; and illuminated by the departing ray. Other fragments of the shattered towers, and battelments were just touched with the splendid tint: but the body of light rested on those parts, which were seen through the shadowed arch.
  Penrith Beacon
In the offskip, beyond the castle, arose a hill, in shadow likewise; on the top of which stood a lonely beacon. The windows answering each other, we could just discern the glowing horizon through them - a circumstance, which however trivial in description, has a beautiful effect in landscape.
The beacon is a monument of those tumultuous times, which preceded the union; and the only monument of the kind now remaining in these parts; though such beacons were stationed over the whole country;
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