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vol.2 p.40
... As we rode nearer the northern limit of this chain, Skiddaw, which is by much the highest mountain, appeared in perspective, the least. Behind these mountains arise, in order, Mosedale-fell - Carric - and Caudbeck - the tops of which we sometimes saw, from the higher grounds, peering, in their blue attire, over the concave parts of the browner mountains, which stood nearer the eye.
Between us, and this circular chain, which occupied the whole horizon on the left, was spread a very extensive vale; stretching from side to side hardly less the seven or eight miles; and in length winding out of sight. It is a scene of little beauty, except what arises from the gradation of distance: but it suggests an idea of greatness; which space, and grand boundaries, however unadorned, will always suggest.
This idea hath sometimes misled the tasteless improver of little scenes. He has heard, that space gives beauty; but not knowing how to accommodate the rule to circumstances, he
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