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vol.1 p.190
As we approached the head of the lake, we were desired to turn round, and take a view of Castellet, that rocky hill, which had appeared so enormous, as we stood under it. It had now shrunk into nothing in the midst of that scene of greatness, which surrounded it. I mention the circumstance, as in these wild countries, comparison is the only scale used in the mensuration of mountains: at least it was the only scale, to which we were ever referred. In countries graced by a single mountain, the inhabitants may be very accurate in their investigation of it's height. The altitude and circumference of the Wrekin, I have no doubt, are accurately known in Shropshire: but in a country like this, where chain is linked to chain, exactness would be endless.
  Lodore Falls
By this time we had approached the head of the lake; and could now distinguish the full sound of the fall of Lodoar; which had before reached our ears, as the wind suffered, indistinctly in broken notes.
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