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vol.1 p.187
by climbing a precipice, which had been thought inaccessible.- A romantic place seldom wants a romantic story to adorn it.
Detached from this continent of precipice, if I may so speak, stands a rocky hill, known by the name of Castellet. Under the beetling brow of this natural ruin we passed; and as we viewed it upwards from it's base, it seemed a fabric of such grandeur, that alone it was sufficient to give dignity to any scene. We were desired to take particular notice of it for a reason, which shall afterwards be mentioned.
As we proceeded in our rout along the lake, the road grew wilder, and more romantic. There is not an idea more tremendous, than that of riding along the edge of a precipice, unguarded by any parapet, under impending rocks, which threaten above; while the surges of a flood, or the whirlpools of a rapid river, terrify below.
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