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vol.1 p.152
Among the great variety of fish, which inhabit the extensive waters of this lake, the char is the most remarkable. It is near twice the size of a herring. It's back is of an olive-green: it's belly of a light vermillion; softening in some parts into white; and changing to a deep red, at the insertion of the fins.
A parcel of char, just caught and thrown together into the luggage-pool of a boat, makes a pleasant harmony of colouring. The green-olive tint prevails; to which a spirit is here and there given by a light blush of vermillion; and by a strong touch of red, if a fin happen to appear. These pleasing colours are assisted by the bright silvery lights, which play over the whole; for nothing reflects light more beautifully than the scales of fish.
Char are caught only in the winter-season, when twenty dozen in a day, are sometimes taken by a single boat. In summer they retire to rocky caves below, some of which are said to be unfathomable: nor do they breed
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