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vol.1 p.137
through all the varieties of distance; which are still farther improved by a little degree of obliquity, in the position of the island.
He who should take upon him to ornament such a scene as this, would have only to conduct his walk and plantations, so as to take advantage of the grand parts of the continent around him;- to hide what is offensive - and, amidst a choice of great and picturesque scenes, to avoid shewing too much. As he would have, at all times, an exuberance of water, he should not be ostentatious in displaying it. It would be a relief to the eye sometimes to exclude it wholly; and to introduce a more sylvan scene, with distant mountains rising above it. A transient glance of the water, with some well-chosen objects beyond it, would often also have a good effect; and sometimes a grand expansion of the whole.- Thus the objects around, tho unmanageable in themselves, might be brought under command by the assistance of an insular situation.
With regard to the ornamenting of such a scene, an elegant neatness is all the improver
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