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vol.1 p.99
eye: and at a distance, when the summits of the waves, agreeably to the rules of perspective, appear in contact, the whole surface in that part will be light.
But when the sky is splendid, and at the same time calm, the water (being then a perfect mirror,) will glow all over with correspondent tints; unless other reflections, from the objects around, intervene, and form more vivid pictures.
Often you will see a spacious bay, screened by some projecting promontory, in perfect repose; while the rest of the lake, more pervious to the air, is crisped over by a gentle ripple.
Sometimes also, when the whole lake is tranquil, a gentle perturbation will arise in some distant part, from no apparent cause, from a breath of air, which nothing else can feel, and creeping softly on, communicate a tremulous shudder with exquisite sensibility over half the surface. In this observation I do little more than translate from Ovid:

----- Exhorruit, aequoris instar,
Quod fremit, exigua cum summum stringitur aura.
No pool, no river-bay, can present this idea in it's utmost purity. In them every crystalline particle is set, as it were, in a socket of mud.
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