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vol.1 p.96
have known many a good landscape injured by a bad water boundary.
This line, it may be further observed, varies under different circumstances. When the eye is placed upon the lake, the line of boundary is a circular thread, with little undulation; unless when some promontory of more than usual magnitude shoots into the water. All smaller irregularities are lost. The particular beauty of it under this circumstance, consists in the opposition between such a thread, and the irregular line formed by the summits of the mountains.
But when the eye is placed on the higher grounds, above the level of the lake, the line of boundary takes a new form; and what appeared to the levelled eye a circular thread, becomes now an undulating line, projecting, and retiring more or less, according to the degree of the eye's elevation. The circular thread was indebted for it's principal beauty to contrast: but this, like all other elegant lines, has the additional beauty of variety.
And yet, in some cases the levelled eye has the advantage of the elevated one. The line, which forms an acute angle from the higher situation
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