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vol.1 p.84
The sources of deformity in the mountain-line will easily suggest those of beauty. If the line swells easily to an apex, and yet by irregular breaks, which may be varied in a thousand modes, it must be pleasing.
And yet abruptness itself is sometimes a source of beauty, either when it is in contrast with other parts of the line; or when rocks, or other objects, account naturally for it.
The same principles, on which we seek for beauty in single mountains, will help us to find it in a combination of them. Mountains in composition are considered as single objects, and follow the same rules. If they break into mathematical, or fantastic forms, - if they join heavily together in lumpish shapes - if they fall into each other at right-angles - or of their lines run parallel - in all these cases, the combination will be more or less disgusting: and a converse of these will of course be agreeable.
Having drawn the lines, which the mountains should form, let us next fill them up, and vary them with tints.
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