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Gentleman's Magazine 1820 part 1 p.568
she was early deprived, sprung up, and bore good fruit, under the culture of affliction. She was endued by nature with quickness and brightness of intellect, as appeared from her conversation and epistolary correspondence; and to the latest period of her life she retained both the desire and the ability of improving her mind. But what was of far more consequence to herself, and to all who came within her sphere, she was blessed with great benevolence of disposition, which prompted her to a continual exercise of kindness and charity. Although for several years she had been in a great measure deprived of the use of her limbs, yet her last illness made it apparent that the principle of life was still very strong in her: and although the many and sever sufferings which were required to release her spirit from its house of clay, were afflicting to her friends; yet it is to be hoped that the memory of the patience and perfect resignation to the will of her Heavenly Father, with which she endured them, will afford them the truest conslation. Her husband and children have to deplore the loss of a dutiful and affectionate wife and mother, and the poor of Workington of a most kind benefactoress.

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