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Gentleman's Magazine 1816 part 2 p.277
impiously conceived, Christianity had for so many ages enveloped the world. The arguments of this man were abundantly superficial; but his book was likely to produce greater effect than the writings of the most learned Infidels. the connexion of his political with his religious opinions tended still farther to increase the danger; for Atheism and Jacobinism at that time went hand in hand. It was on this occasion that the Bishop of Landaff stood forward in defence of Christianity, by publishing his most seasonable, strong, judicious, and beautiful 'Apology for the Bible, in a Series of Letters addressed to Thomas Paine,' 12mo. ...
Sermons and letters continued through his life; against slavery, defending revelaed religion, various religious, political, and agricultural subjects.
... It is asserted that during the last years of his life his Lordship employed his leisure upon a History of his own times, after the manner of Bp. Bur-
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