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Gentleman's Magazine 1816 part 2 p.275
He published an 'Apology for Christianity ...' in response to Edward Gibbon's 'History of the Rise and Declension of the Roman Empire', leading to correspondence between the two men.
In 1781, he published a volume of Chemical Essays, addressed to his pupil the Duke of Rutland, which was received with such deserved approbation, as to induce the Author to give to the world, at different times, four additional volumes of equal merit with the first. It has been stated, that when Bp. Watson obtained the Professoship of Chemistry, without much previous knowledge of that science, he deemed it his duty to acquire it; and accordingly studied it with so much industry, as materially to injure his health: with what success, his publications on that branch of Philosphy demonstrate. ...
He planned, but failed, to abandon chemistry when elected Professor of Divinity, 1771; later in his career he burned all his chemical notebooks to put an end to his attachment to it.
Having been tutor to the late Duke of Rutland, when his Grace resided at Cambridge, Dr. Watson was presented by him to the valuable rectory of Knaptoft, Leicestershire, in 1782; and in the same year, through the recommendation of his noble Patron, was advanced and consecrated to the Bishoprick of Landaff. In consequence of the smallness of the revenues of the former, Dr. Watson was allowed to hold with it the archdeaconry of Ely, his rectory in Leicestershire, the Divinity Professorship, and rectory of Somersham. ...
His political opinions prevented his further advancement.
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