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Gentleman's Magazine 1814 part 1 p.516
[at]tention, you are welcome to publish any of them. - The first book consists of Letters, and Poems introduced therein, from Dr. Burnet to the Marchioness of Wharton, which give light on those characters not publicly known. The rest of the collection in this book are chiefly political; wrote to Lord Wharton in the year 1706, and so to 1711, from the Earl of Marchmont, W. Fleming, Lord Sunderland, General Palmes, Lieut.-gen. Rosse, with an account of the Campaign in 1708, and the returns of prisoners, &c. Lieut.colonel Gledhill, Lord Galway, Duke of Shrewsbury, Duke of Richmond, Young, Addison, De Foe, and several others. If you think it would be worth the trouble, I will take the signatures from off the original Letters, for you to cut into wood, to authenticate the publication. The volume of Poems consists of many Dr. Burnet's to the Marchioness of Wharton; and some that have been published, but here much corrected.' These curious papers, with the greater part of Mr. Hutchinson's correspondence during a long and active life, remain in the hands of his son; and part of them may probably be given to the publick. - A very fine Portrait of Mr. Hutchinson, on the same Plate with that of his benevolent friend the late George Allan, esq. of the Grange, F.S.A. forms the frontispiece to the Eighth Volume of 'Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century.'

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