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Gentleman's Magazine 1811 part 2 p.506
Mr. URBAN, Carlisle, Nov. 19.
AS you have been so obliging as to insert an engraved View of the Deanery House at Carlisle in your last month's Magazine, p.305, I hope it will not be unacceptable to many of your Readers, to be supplied with a description of that venerable structure.
The Deanery consists of an inconsiderable part of the Conventual buildings, many of which were destroyed at the Reformation. Considerable additions have been made by succeeding Deans since the dissolution of the priory, 32 Henry VIII.
The principal room contains a curious painted ceiling, put up by Prior Senhouse, who flourished A.D. 1507. It consists of many devices, and is divided into square compartments. On the crossbeams are painted the following rude verses:

Symon Senus pryor sette thys rofe and scalop here,
To the intent that ye should have prayers every day in the yere.
Lofe God and thy prynce,
And you nedys not drede thyne enymies.
Remember man the grete pre-eminence
Given unto thee by God omnipotent:
Between ye and angells is lytell difference,
And all thynge erthly to thee obediente.
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