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Gentleman's Magazine 1806 p.401
An Account of the WINDOW presented by the EARL OF CARLISLE, to the DEAN and CHAPTER of the CATHEDRAL at YORK. (See Plate I.)
THIS fine Picture (for so it may be called) of the Visitation, was bought at Rouen in Normandy, and originally adorned the East window of the Church of St. Nicholas in that place. It is now placed in the East window of the South aile in York Cathedral, opposite Archbishop Bowet's monument, through the opening of which, when it is seen, confined as it were within a magnificent Gothic frame, the effect is enchanting; nor are its beauties in the least eclipsed by the other brilliant windows with which the matchless pile abounds.
From the roundness and bold relief of the figures, which are as large as life, and the richness of the colouring, it is esteemed by those who are conversant with the works of that master, to be the design of Sebastian del Piombo, the inventor of painting upon walls in oil, who lived in the utmost esteem with Pope Clement VIII. was the great favourite of Michael Angelo Buonaroti, and whose martyrdom of St. Agatha is pronounced equal to the best works of Raphael, Titian, or any of the great masters.

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